WANTED: 2018-2019 PTA Committee Chairs!

The PTA impacts EVERY child in our community.

We are proud of the achievements of our PTA.  Did  you know that the Oradell PTA is one of the largest in the state?   The impact we have depends on the commitment of our parent community. 

Each year we reach out looking for volunteers to join in our efforts.  We have committees that are appropriate for a range of skills and levels of available personal time.

The different positions that are open and the associated ‘in person’ commitments are set out in the following slide, with the most ‘on campus’ commitments to the left and the roles that have the most ‘behind the scenes’ commitments on the right.


For all of the committees listed above the number indicates the number of chairs needed.

**Interested in chairing class parents? Please express interest via email before 4/30 to classparents@oradellpta.org. **

Consider getting involved for the 2018-2019 school year.  If you are interested please send an email to Marie Antonelli (firstvp@oradellpta.org), June Levine (secondvp@oradellpta.org) AND Jennifer Koth (president@oradellpta.org).