Mother’s Day Plant Sale – Friday, May 10th

Our annual Mother’s Day plant sale is upon us and we have some exciting new additions this year!

Including an Advance Ordering Opportunity!

What’s on your wish list for Mother’s Day this year?

Mom’s come in all types and styles. Some of us are jewelry types, others love a good manicure and then again, so many of us love to spend time planting our spring garden!

What EVERY MOM loves about Mother’s Day is knowing their child brought them a gift chosen specially for them.

This year’s Mother’s Day sale at OPS as been expanded to capture every mom’s personal preference but still maintain that element of child driven surprise.

What’s new this year?

Advance ordering opportunity:

The Mother’s Day advanced sale offers you the chance to order more options – but the final choice of plant, bracelet color or manicure style will be for your child to choose.

Expanded gift selection:

* 8” hanging plants $12 (inpatients, geraniums)
* ColorStreet manicure in a bag $11 (see image of selected spring styles)
* 3 Pura Vida classic bracelets $12 (8 spring options to choose from)
* 24 plant bedding floral flats $15 (impatiens, petunias or begonias)
* 24 plant bedding herb flats $15  (basil, parsley)

If you place an advanced order for any of the categories above, your child will come in during the Mother’s Day sale on May 10th and pick the final selection based on your order. So you can GUIDE them to pick you a manicure for example, but the SURPRISE of what they chose remains intact!

These options will be available for advanced orders through April 26th.


On May 10th, the PTA will also offer a collection of 4” flowering plants for $5. As always these can be purchased without advanced ordering. A smaller selection of manicures and bracelets on a first come first served basis MAY be available for cash purchase, subject to how well they sell during this advanced ordering.

Happy Mother’s Day to you all.

Questions? Contact Suzanne Irving and Jen Larson at plantsale@oradellpta.org