Committee Forms and FAQs

 Want to volunteer to chair a committee?

We still have a few committee chair openings for the 2016-2017 school year.  Among the vacancies are — Science Fun, Talent Show, Lunchtime Activities and others!

The spots that are still open are noted on the committee chair contact page.

Please contact either  Marie Antonelli ( or June Levine ( if you would like to chair an open 2017-2018 committee!


Want to print a flier?

Our PTA is as paperless as possible.  Unless approved by the PTA President all notices are posted to the OPS PTA website ONLY.

If you need help getting an event posted to the site feel free to reach out to your executive board link for some help. That link will be one of the following exec members:
Jennifer Koth, President –
Marie Antonelli, First Vice President –
June Levine, Second Vice President –

Once you have gotten your event approved for posting you can send an email (copying your executive link) with the details to our webmaster,
Kate Booth  –

On a very rare occasion the PTA does produce fliers.  When they are approved, we respectfully request the size be kept to a half page where possible.


Do you need to deposit some cash or checks?

For a check, please fill out the OPS PTA deposit form and get a copy to Amanda Lozano ( along with all of the funds received.:



For either of these, please fill out the OPS PTA Check Request/Reimbursement Form and get a copy to Marie Antonelli (
Once approved, our Treasurer Tracey Valente ( will issue your check.:


 Do you need to coordinate using the Oradell Public School for a PTA event?

Access to space at OPS needs to be approved by building management and the Board of Education.  

Please remember to consider what space you need well in advance of your programming so that the process has time to run its course.
Start that approval process by filling out a building use form:


Do you have a question about how the OPS PTA runs?

 Please feel free to reach out to any executive board member with questions.  All of our email addresses are listed under the executive board section of this website.

 The Oradell Public School PTA’s standing rules, were reviewed in September and November 2016.  Modifications to both documents were proposed to and approved by the General Membership.
Below please find the OPSPTA Standing Rules and Bi Laws as of Fall 2106.