MB photos using email

How to submit a photo to the Memory Book using email

Our new system for submitting photos online will help our team sort and manage photo submissions.  This process will work in parallel to the online submission option.

**Please note: the online option is the preferred option as it offers you the ability to see your consolidated photo submission history .**

Step One: Find the email address and associated deadline for the event you are looking to send photos for from the list below.

By Event:
First Day (expires 11/30/18) – firstdaymb@oradellpta.org
Halloween (expires 11/30/18) – halloweenmb@oradellpta.org
Field Day (expires 11/30/18) – fielddaymb@oradellpta.org
Camp Bernie (expires 12/31/18) – campberniemb@oradellpta.org
Sharpe (expires 12/31/18) – sharpemb@oradellpta.org
Sandy Hook (expires 11/30/18) – sandyhookmb@oradellpta.org
Turkey Trot (expires 11/30/18) – turkeytrotmb@oradellpta.org
Wizards (expires 11/30/18) – wizardsmb@oradellpta.org

General Categories:
Administration, Teachers, and Staff – facultyandstaffmb@oradellpta.org
Student Government – studentgovernmentmb@oradellpta.org
Spirit Days – spiritdaysmb@oradellpta.org
Safety Patrol – safetypatrolmb@oradellpta.org
LEAD – leadmb@oradellpta.org
HoOps – hoopsmb@oradellpta.org
Band and Choir – bandandchoirmb@oradellpta.org

Classroom Life/Grade Level Activities:
Pre-K – pre-kmb@oradellpta.org
Kindergarten – kindergartenmb@oradellpta.org
1st Grade – firstgrademb@oradellpta.org
2nd Grade – secondgrademb@oradellpta.org
3rd Grade – thirdgrademb@oradellpta.org
4th Grade – fourthgrademb@oradellpta.org
5th Grade – fifthgrademb@oradellpta.org
6th Grade – sixthgrademb@oradellpta.org

Step Two: Attach your photo to the email. TWO CRITICAL CONSIDERATIONS IN THIS STEP:

1 ATTACHED – not embedded in the email
2 ONLY ONE PHOTO PER EMAIL  If you send more than one attachment this does not work.

Step Three: Include the following specific information in the email subject line and the body of the email

1. Child’s name in the subject line of the email
2. All children’s names (plus the one from subject repeated), homeroom (for reference) and additional detail about others in the photo, location, context.

Step Four: Press send.