STEP ONE: Submit this form with the photo and all appropriate names and email addresses.

STEP TWO: OPS PTA sends an email to the other parents involved asking them to confirm their approval of the use of their child’s photo (this will happen via email.)

STEP THREE: Each additional parent copies and pastes their approval into a reply (text will be supplied in the body of the OPS PTA email), which includes the name of their child and the title of the photo.

Once all approvals are registered, we post the photo to the site in a growing collection of pages that highlight activities at and around Oradell Public School!


**Children’s names will not be posted, only approved photos.**

Thank you for celebrating our community through the OPS PTA website.


Please use this form when submitting photos you would like to have displayed on the OPS PTA website at NOTE: JPGs will not upload from a cell phone so this form needs to be filled out from a PC. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Additional lines below are for YOUR additional children's names. For those children pictured that you are not responsible for, additional information will be required below.
  • We will need this for each child shown in the photograph. Please fill in the names of any parents/guardians other than yourself that need to be contacted in appropriate field below.
  • Emails for the parents of other students shown (where applicable) in the photograph are also required below. If your photo requires over 6 parents to be notified please indicate so in comments so we can follow up accordingly.
    "I hereby grant permission for the Oradell PTA to use a photo of my child on the PTA website to showcase Oradell PTA events and programs. I understand that no names will be posted with said photos."
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, pdf.
    Please confirm that you have listed the name of each child and the email address of the parent/guardian responsible for each child shown in the attached files. The OPS PTA will reply to all asking these parents to agree to the use of the photo before it is placed on the OPS PTA website. Without the name of each child and the email address of the appropriate parent/guardian this photo will not be processed.