Nicholas Market’s Recipe Contest 2019!

Is your child a budding Bobby Flay?

If so then this could be the PERFECT contest for him/her!

Nicholas Markets runs this program every year.  This year COULD BE OUR YEAR!! 🙂 But you have to be in it to win it.

What’s the prize? There are two:

  1. Each school will have a winning submission featured on NM’s website and in social media
  2. A GRAND PRIZE winner will win a week of free lunch and their recipe will be added to the MENU!


Details of the contest are on the flier and form.  As you work sounds like taking pictures of your process and your result are encouraged!

Here’s a copy of some ground rules:

–  Students are to submit individual recipes – Group work is not permitted.
–  Recipe must include at least 3 locally grown, New Jersey fresh fruits and/or vegetables (Please visit https://findjerseyfresh.com/availability/ for a list of New Jersey’s top ten fruits/vegetables)
–  Recipes may not contain seafood ingredients (fish, shellfish, roe, etc.)
– Recipes may not contain nut ingredients (peanuts, cashews, almonds, etc.)
– Recipes should only include suitable protein/meat sources such as lean ground beef, antibiotic-free chicken, and antibiotic-free turkey, etc.
– Recipes should consider allergens (dairy, gluten, wheat, egg, etc.) to best include ALL students!
– NOTE: Winning recipes are subject to alterations and/or substitutions by Nicholas Markets, should we deem it necessary.

Here’s the ENTRY FORM


Questions? Contact our executive board and we’ll connect you to our team at Nicholas Markets!