Six Flags Read to Succeed 2020!

Who doesn’t like a scream your face off roller coaster ride?! Right, no one…

BUT you know what’s better than a scream your face off roller coaster ride?
A FREE one!six-flags-read-to-succeed

The PTA is bringing you the Six Flags Read to Succeed program which is NEW AND IMPROVED with an online tracking system (no paper forms)

Here’s how it works:

1) Register this using this link: sixflags.com/books
Use Oradell Public School’s code: AEQMU
2) Your child may read any books they choose.
3) Keep track of your child’s reading using the form below.
4) Record your child’s reading at this website (by March 2nd)
5) Receive a free Six Flags Great Adventure ticket from Oradell Public School in May

Why did Six Flags implement eReading Logs? (answer from the Six Flags website) – eReading Logs have been a popularly requested feature for several years, and we thank you for your patience while we implemented it! We think this new iteration of the program will make Read to Succeed easier for you to implement while offering a number of ancillary benefits. Hours can be logged using a computer OR smartphone.

Questions? Check out the website first and if that doesn’t help email us at president@oradellpta.org, firstvp@oradellpta.org or corrsecy@oradellpta.org