Science Workshops

We added three new workshops, please see below. These are intended for those who have not already signed up for a workshop.

The Science Committee will conduct science workshops for interested students in Grades 1 – 6 virtually and will distribute STEM kits to all Kindergarteners.

Parents who register students in grades 1 – 6 can pick up necessary materials for their child/children prior to the workshop (further info will be sent to all registrants). In addition to the materials provided, cardboard and tape will be needed for some experiments.

Each workshop has room for 30 students. First come, first serve.

Sign up here:

Jan 26th (Grades 3/4) – “Marble Run” – NO SPOTS REMAINING

Jan 28th (Grades 5/6) – “Marble Run” – NO SPOTS REMAINING

Jan 29th (Grades 3/4) – “Marble Run – NO SPOTS REMAINING

Feb 2nd (Grade 1) – “Balloon Powered Car” 

Feb 4th (Grade 2) – “Balloon Powered Car” 

Feb 9th (Grade 1) – “Balloon Powered Car”  – NO SPOTS REMAINING

Feb 11th (Grade 2) – “Balloon Powered Car”  – NO SPOTS REMAINING