Yankees vs Red Sox Tickets

Yankees vs Red Sox 9/24

Join us on Saturday, September 24 at 1:05 pm to watch these rivals in action. Over 200 tickets already sold!

Tickets can be purchased here, they are $35/each and include the following:

– Seat in section 234, 233B, or an equivalent
– A hotdog
– A beer/water or soda
– A donation to the PTA

We are the largest PTA in NJ and we are finding there is power in numbers – the Yankees gave us a great deal since we will come with a big crowd! Tickets in our section for that game are selling for $89/seat on Yankees.com (and that is without a meal!). This is a great opportunity to bring your family to the ballpark and enjoy a great afternoon with friends without spending a fortune.

Seating will be issued in the order of when attendees purchase their tickets. The first people who purchase will be put in the front row of our section, seated next to the people who purchase their tickets after them. Attendees can trade tickets amongst themselves, but the only way to ensure you are seated with a certain family is to purchase tickets together or at the same time. We are unable to honor seating requests.

Click here to order. Yankee vs. Red Sox Tickets

Questions? Contact Kelly Castro at KellyFarrellCastro@yahoo.com