Committee Descriptions 2023-2024


AUTHOR PRESENTATIONS AND PROGRAMS – Help promote excitement about reading among the OPS community by facilitating author visits and programming.  This involves investigating popular authors, coordinating with faculty and arranging logistics for the visits.   On average there are two visits per year based on budget and author availability.

BABYSITTER TRAINING – Arrange instruction of 6th grade students in a Babysitter Training course. The course is usually taught in one six-hour session, which is on a Saturday anytime between February and May.

BOOK FAIR – Arrange the sale of books usually over a three-day period to the OPS community and the general public.  Manage a motivational activity and choose one winner per grade.

CALDECOTT BOOK CLUB – An after-school book club for first graders focused on reading Caldecott award winning books. Three meetings are held per school year to discuss books selected by the book club committee. Meetings usually include an arts and crafts project.

CLASS PARENTS – Assign class parents, three per class (including one Lead Class Parent) to help with parties, communications and other classroom coordination. Keep records up to date for new families.

CLASS PHOTOS – Coordinate school photos for all students. Photos are taken in the fall. Requires one full day for photos and several days for paperwork. Also responsible for 6th grade class photo and faculty photo taken in the spring. Provide all class photos, 6th grade class photo and faculty photo to the Memory Book committee.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH – Develop and implement meaningful service projects designed to foster an awareness of the needs of others. Plan and coordinate outreach initiatives that will actively engage the students in learning and growing as they give back to their community.  Ideally there will be one program in the fall and one in the spring.

CURIOUS KIDS CLUB – is a new PTA Committee for the 2023-24’ school year. We anticipate meeting every other month, and our committee chairs will host a variety of learning and fun experiences for students: STEAM, ART, NATURE, MUSIC, LEGO LEARNING and other ideas! We are excited to bring a new and wonderful way to engage our children throughout the year!

DIRECTORY – Collect information from OPS families & administration then organize and publish the Student Directory. All information stored in a database program. Forms are distributed in the spring in a joint effort with Membership. The Student Directory will be available for parents/guardians in mid to late September.

ENVIRONMENTAL – Coordinate school wide up-cycle events and recycling education sessions. Coordinate two recycle events which includes collection of markers, crayons, Lego, sneakers and send to appropriate companies for recycling. Create general recycling awareness.

GARDEN – Arrange volunteers for fall clean up and spring preparation for planting, as well as needed weeding and maintenance.  Using PTA budget, purchase and deliver plants, seeds and garden supplies for the spring planting, and monitor garden beds for minor repairs. When appropriate, assist Science Lab teacher when students perform spring planting.

GIFTS – Select and purchase any gifts to be given by the PTA. Responsible for facilitating two $1,000 scholarships for RDHS seniors who graduated from OPS. Also, provide staff and faculty with “treats” throughout school year to celebrate certain holidays.

GRADE LEVEL GRANTS – Coordinate, approve and act as a liaison between grade level teachers and the PTA regarding money allotted to each grade level in the form of grants.  Depending on surplus funds, can be opened up to special areas as well.

GROUNDS BEAUTIFICATION – Coordinate seasonal decorations around the school’s front steps and doors. Work with exec board and committees to produce and post lawn signs for upcoming events.

HOLIDAY BOUTIQUE – Organize three day sale for students (K-6) to purchase inexpensive holiday gifts for friends and family.

HOSPITALITY – Arrange for refreshments for PTA meetings. Organize the back-to-school PTA breakfast and crossing guard, lunch aide and custodian breakfast.

ICE CREAM LUNCH – Arrange for the delivery and sale of ice cream to students during lunch (usually once a month). Students pay and pre-order at the beginning of the school year. Order ice cream for special school events such as field day and DARE graduation.

KINDERGARTEN BOOK CLUB – An after-school book club for kindergartners. Three meetings are held per year to discuss books selected by the book club committee. Meetings usually include an arts and crafts project.

LEGISTLATIVE – Monitor pending legislation to keep PTA members informed and propose action to the membership consistent with PTA goals and local membership approval. Arrange Candidates Night in the event of a contested BOE election. Run the Mock Election for students in years when it is encouraged by OPS administration.

MEMBERSHIP – Run the annual membership drive; coordinate the collection of PTA dues. Work begins in the spring prior to the next school year; committee works with Directory to gather information.

MEMORY BOOK – Prepare the annual yearbook for publication. Collect booster ads from OPS families; receive and organize photos for the publication.  Plan the layout of the memory book.

NEW FAMILY MENTORING – Help NEW kindergarten parents and other NEW OPS families navigate their way through their first year at OPS.

PIZZA LUNCH – Coordinate, order, and arrange distribution of pizza to students two days per month. Students pay and pre-order at the beginning of the school year. Responsible for coordinating volunteers to serve each class.

PLANT SALE – Coordinate the purchase and delivery of small plants and gifts for the students to purchase for Mother’s Day gifts. Sale held the Friday prior to Mother’s Day.

READ AND RAP BOOK CLUB –  An after-school club for second and third graders. Three meetings are held per year to discuss books selected by the book club committee.

REFLECTIONS – Responsible for coordinating Reflections contest entries, arranging for judges and sending entries up to the county level; orders ribbons to acknowledge student participation and works with arts teachers to encourage participation in arts both in and out of school. Present participating students with ribbons at a PTA meeting in the spring.

SCHOOL SUPPLIES – Coordinate the sale of pre-packaged school supplies. Sale commences in the late spring. Distribution takes place sometime during the week before the first day of school.

SCIENCE FUN – Schedule, coordinate, and facilitate the organization of an annual Invention Convention. Arrange workshops to help students frame their projects and anticipate the work required to be prepared for the convention. Run any judging and awards for the convention.

SPECIAL EVENTS – Organize unique fund raisers like the Wizards games, community based fund raising outings such as ‘OPS goes to the movies’ and other similar opportunities.

SPIRIT WEAR – Coordinate the sale of OPS insignia articles of clothing and accessories throughout the year.

STUDENT PROGRAMMING – Arrange for educational programs in support of the arts to be brought into school. Also provide information about such programs to the faculty so that they can promote an awareness and understanding of the programs. At least two programs per year. Arrange walk to school programs.

TALENT SHOWPlan and coordinate volunteers and participants for biennial talent show, which is open to all OPS students.

TEACHER APPRECIATION – Organize and host the annual back-to-school teacher breakfast and the Teacher Appreciation Week luncheon held for faculty during the first week of May. Organize committee volunteers to present faculty and staff with a gift/goodie bag and encourage all OPS children to show their appreciation to a teacher during the week.

TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE- Assist in creating and maintaining essential online PTA forms and updating web page.  Implement PTA social media pages and keep them up to date.

UPPER GRADES BOOK CLUB – A lunchtime and after-school book club for fourth, fifth, and sixth graders. Typically two meetings are held during the year to discuss the books selected by the book club committee.