Nicholas Markets

You say you don’t want to make lunch on Monday or Tuesday or Thursday or Friday?!  We’ve got an app for that…

Well, not an app – but we do have a new program from Nicholas Markets that will be available at OPS for lunches on every day of the week except for Wednesdays…and you do order it online.

Introducing Nicholas Markets to OPSWhen will it run? Starting September 17th, this program will run all year long on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursays and Fridays.

How do I order?  After setting up your account, ordering is done direct through their website up to midnight the evening before.

What about nutritional content? The NMLunch menu is also produced with a strong emphasis on nutritional content.  Ingredients and nutritional facts are all available online.

I have allergy concerns? This program has a very sophisiticated ordering process which is sensitive to allergy concerns. When you sign up you can indicate allergies and the menu dynamically adjusts to limit what can be purchased for or by that student.

What if I forgot to send lunch? Nicholas Markets offers the ability for your child to purchase a lunch from a limited ‘I forgot my lunch’ menu

What if my child is still hungry? NMLunch offers the ability for your child to purchase add on items and snacks during lunch (you have to opt into this day of purchasing feature)

Where do they get their AMAZING bread from? Rockland Bakery of course…

Got more questions?
1) The PDFs attached are an excellent resources for Q&A.
2) A representative from NM will have samples at the 9/17 PTA meeting
3) Email anyone on the executive board and we would be happy to help.

Please note: No Fuss Lunch and LJ’s lunch programs will not be available for the 2018-2019 school year.