Student Helpers are Back! 

OPS Student Helpers

OPS Student Helpers pairs interested RDHS students with OPS families looking for help with their child/children.  Our team has already made many successful matches.  Please reach out if you could use some help!

This help is available either virtually or in person; OPS and RDHS families should decide which works best for them.

OPS families can complete the Student Helper Form if interested in participating.  The team will work to pair you with your high school helper upon receipt of your form so you can get started right away.

The PTA will:

  • Pair up potential High School Helpers with an interested OPS family based on the information collected
  • Provide contact information for potential High School Helper matches to the OPS family

At that point, the PTA will step back and families can contact the matches directly to make sure there is a fit, set their schedule, coordinate services needed, etc. The PTA is simply facilitating the recruitment and pairing of interested parties.  Please note that there is an hourly fee related to this service, this fee is to be discussed and agreed upon by the two parties involved.  No portion of this fee is going to the PTA, as this is not a fundraiser.

Thank you to Michelle del Corral for setting up and organizing this program.

Click Here to request a River Dell Student Helper.