President’s Message

Welcome Back!

As I sit at my kitchen table and type this note, I reminisce about my beginnings of new school years both as a student and as a teacher. I remember the nerves I felt as both and the joys of seeing those I hadn’t seen for the long (or short) weeks of summer on that first day of school. Each new school year was a clean slate; a time to start fresh.  As this new school year begins, for some families it will be the beginning of their journey at OPS, and for others, it will commence the end of their time at OPS.

Regardless of where you are on your journey here, the Oradell PTA will be there every step of the way to help make the experience a fun and happy one.  The Executive Board and several other committees have been working over the summer making plans for the school year. Assemblies are already being planned, author visits are being scheduled, a Moms’ Night Out is in the works for late Fall (details to come), and so much more!

I encourage you to reminisce about your first days of new school years, share your memories with your children; it may assuage some of their fears (and your own).  When school begins, be confident that this year may be better than the last.



Jennifer Koth
PTA President


Connect with your inner Jackson Pollock

Join the PTA for a fun night out!

We’re painting and socializing with neighborhood friends!
Please note:  despite the title, no paint will be thrown at this party.

We’ll be meeting up at Pinot’s Pallete and painting wine glasses!Supplies and light snacks will be provided. You bring your own beverages.

Date: Wednesday, November 15, 2017
Time: 7:00-9:00
Location: Pinot’s Palette
25 Oak Street in Ridgewood
Cost: $40

Additional detail: Adults only please.

Please use this link to register for this fun event.

Pinot’s Pallette will donate a portion of the proceeds from this event back to the OPS PTA.

Questions? contact the PTA exec board.  Pick one, we’re all in this one together.


Student Directory Acknowledgement

It’s that time again – directories are on their way!

If you haven’t yet completed your student directory acknowledgement form, please do so by clicking here:




Class dues are now online!

For the first time in OPS PTA history, we are collecting
class dues for parties ONLINE!

Please follow the link below to fill out the form and submit class dues.
Please note: These dues are to cover the costs for class parties in your child’s class for the 2017-2018 year.


All dues will be distributed to the Lead Class Parent after the October 6th due date. 

Questions? Contact class parent committee chairs Jane Kiernan, Lara Monaco and Nicole Chiarello via email at



No Fuss Lunch is Back!

The Oradell PTA is pleased to announce that NO FUSS LUNCH
will be available for the 2017-2018 school year!

NO FUSS LUNCH will be offered to all students in Grades K-6 and OPS teachers & staff on Tuesdays and Thursdays, starting September 12th.PLEASE NOTE: The NFL team requires you to re-submit your child’s name, CURRENT teacher, and grade.
Please be sure to review your account prior to placing your first order.

Do you want to learn more about the program? There’s some information about NFL, it’s philosophy and
ordering in the flier below:

Ready to order?  No Fuss Lunch is offered through the NFL website:


Kindergarten/New Family Mentoring

Welcome to Oradell Public School!

The Oradell PTA warmly welcomes all kindergarten families and any families new to the school!

The purpose of the PTA mentoring program is to help you through your first year at OPS.

We can assign you a mentor whom you can call with any questions relating to Kindergarten, PTA related topics or general OPS information.

If you are interested in having a mentor, or just have a general question, please contact our mentoring committee chairs:
Jodi Rybak and Lauren Driscoll  at


Join the PTA for the 2017-2018 School Year!

Please take a moment and join the PTA for the 2017-2018 school year.

We are delighted to invite every parent, teacher, and neighbor to join the PTA, as we work to make Oradell Public School the best it can be for our students, our most precious resource.

With your PTA membership, you have access to:

• weekly email blasts from the Oradell PTA President
• the OPS Student Directory
• your official PTA membership card

The deadline to be included in the 2017-2018 directory has passed but joining now still
guarantees your receipt of a copy.

For complete information and online registration, click here:
OPS PTA 2017-2018 Membership



Box Tops 4 Education!

Collect those Box Tops all year round!

Summer is filled with zip lock bags and snacks that have box tops!

No reason to stop collecting box tops…

Box tops is a 24/7 – 365 activity!

Seriously, take a look at the list of what has box tops on it here –>BTFEProducts_List_2016-17

More information about the program is available on their website: Box Tops 4 Education program



We’re here to help…

The Oradell PTA’s special needs committee is working with the Oradell SEPAC…

to help families with parenting resources about learning disabilities, special services, and other important issues. Oradell SEPAC has launched a wonderful new website, which focuses on how to access extra help for students at OPS, including FAQs and various parent resources.


In addition, the Oradell PTA maintains a special needs committee that is available to help address concerns both overlapping with SEPAC as well as what might be outside their focus areas: (ex: academic struggles, physical challenges, social and emotional needs, as well as allergies, gifted & talented options, etc…)

In general, we’re here to help.

To contact the PTA’s Special Needs Committee please email them directly at: