Lab Burger/Calabria Ordering FAQ

Lab Burger/Calabria Ordering FAQ

Q: How often and for what period can I order Lab Burger and Calabria Lunch?

A: You can order lunch for the following week or the entire month.

Q: When do my orders have to be in by?

A:  All orders can be placed on their websites Monday-Friday from 11am-8:30pm.  Orders must be placed by Friday of the previous week.

Q: Why can’t I order on Saturdays?  I work during the week and it’s hard to remember to do it.

A:  Our local vendors have to put their food/ingredients order into their suppliers by Friday in order to be able to provide fresh lunches for the large number of students ordering for the upcoming week.

Q: Will the PTA send reminders each month when ordering opens?

A: The PTA will only let you know when the links are first ready at the start of the school year. You need to remember to order your child’s lunch for the rest of the year. The links to order can be found under the Ordering Menu.

Q: The form askes me to enter my “Home Address”, is this correct?

A: Go ahead and enter it, the lunch will get delivered to the school.

Q: The form askes me to enter ‘a Tip’, is this correct?

A: Don’t worry, this is a standard website input.  No need to tip.

Q: After placing the order it says, “Preparing or Order Ready”.  Is it really being prepared right now?!

A: Don’t worry, this is a standard website message. The lunch will get delivered to your child at the school on your order day.

Q:  Why is Calabria, a pizza place, doing the sandwich and bagel lunches for OPS?

A: Many local vendors are not equipped to handle the large OPS lunch orders.  Calabria already had an ordering system in place and had procedures in place to help organize the lunch orders and deliver to OPS.