Upload Photos for the Memory Book!

Our Memory Book Committee is already hard at work designing layouts for this year’s Memory Book and they need your photos!  Please upload your photos via the Entourage website or the newly created, easy to use Entourage Mobile App!
Please remember photos included in the Memory Book must:
  • Be taken on school property or at a school event
  • Include only students and staff of OPS  



Here are detailed Mobile App instructions on how to upload photos:

1. Go to the App Store on your iPhone or Android and download the “Entourage LINK” App.

2. Login using the same username and password used to login to the Entourage Link website.

3. Select this year’s Memory Book project named “303 – 2024 Oradell Public School dk.”

4. Click on ‘Upload photos’ and allow Entourage Link Access to Your Photos.

5. Select Photos and click ‘Done.’

6. In the Upload screen, click the photo(s) you would like to upload and click on the ‘Upload selected’ button.

7. Select the Photo category you would like to upload your photo(s) to.  A circle will appear to show that the photo is loading.  Once the circle turns to a red ‘e’ (i.e. Entourage logo) the photo is uploaded, and a message will appear saying “Successfully uploaded all photos.

Please email Memorybook@oradellpta.org with any questions.