Memory Book FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I confirm my pictures have been received?

Answer: You can see all of the photos you have submitted through the online LINK webpage by logging in, going to your profile page and scrolling FAR DOWN the page. There is no way to confirm that your emailed photos have been submitted.


I sent in photos to the memory book email address already this year, should I resubmit them?

Answer: Any photos sent to the address prior to 11/5/18 will be submitted by the memory book team. After 11/5 all submissions need to follow the processes listed on the website.


Can I submit photos by embedding them into an email?

Answer: No.  This doesn’t work


Can I submit multiple photos at a time by attaching them all to an email?

Answer: No. Each photo is electronically cataloged and needs to be submitted separately.


Can I submit photos that picture children that are not OPS students?

Answer: Our book does not support including sibling photos or images of children that are not currently OPS students.


Can I submit photos directly from Google Drive?

Answer: Our process requires the photos be attachments.  In Google Drive, there is a feature in the lower right corner of their screen that allows you to have the photo sent as an attachment.  Please explore this option on Google Drive for more directions.  If you send the photos from Google Drive without opting into this method, the photos will come embedded and will not be accepted.


I received an email after I submitted a photo that I sent a ‘corrupt image’ what does that mean?

Answer: If photos are sent as an embedded image this is the message that our program will send back.  This happens most frequently when parents send images from Google Drive or from other cloud-based systems.  Please resubmit the image as an attachment.  Often this means you have to download the image to your device and send it rather than send it directly from a cloud-based storage option.


Can I submit group photos where I only know the names of some of the students?

Answer: Unfortunately we need to catalog every child in a photo in order to use it in the book.  Because your photo will now require research by the team, there is a high likelihood that any photos without full information submitted will not be used.


I see there is an option to submit videos on the LINK site – how does that work?

Answer: Our new book will be able to support video clips using QR technologies.  We will post more about videos later this year.  In the meantime, if you have a YouTube video or video file you can submit that using the online process.  Videos must be under 30 seconds.  YouTube clips have no specific time limitations, that said please consider cropping any submissions to reasonable lengths.


Can I submit group photos taken off school grounds?

Answer: All photos must be from school activities. If your photo is from a school trip or other off location activity it can be used.  For example, Wizards photos and class trip photos work great and are not on school grounds. If you have Halloween photos or first-day of school photos from in front of your home, these will not be used in the book.